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High Desert Museum Volunteer Website

The High Desert Museum

The High Desert Museum was initially conceived to meet an important challenge – to provide information and opportunities to help individual citizens effectively participate in decisions being made about the region’s natural and cultural resources.  The museum designs exhibits and interpretive programs that connect our audiences with the high desert landscape and the human experience on it.   Through its programs, exhibits, and collections, the museum is an important steward of artifacts and ideas.  Through volunteer and staff interpreters, the Museum is an essential interpreter of the land and stories of people who have lived on it.

The High Desert Museum Volunteer Website

This website was created by and for volunteers working at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon. It includes information on upcoming events and the volunteer manualvolunteer newsletters, listings of volunteer opportunities, and links to several documents. These include Minutes from Volunteer Advisory Council (VAC) meetings, descriptions of Museum training programsoverviews of areas volunteers work in, and profiles of volunteers and staff at the Museum.

There is also a link to Volgistics on this site. Volunteers can use this link to register hours worked, review a summary of past hours, and view a calendar displaying upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Are you interested in volunteering at the Museum? Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information.