Volunteer Advisory Council Minutes

The VAC convenes the Council, a body composed of  Team Leads/VAC Representatives, Volunteer Program Coordinator, VAC Chairperson, VAC Vice-Chair and special committee chairs/representatives. The Council works with the chairperson and the Volunteer Program Coordinator to examine issues of concern to the entire volunteer program, create volunteer program guidelines, and ensure a positive experience for all volunteers. It provides a venue for brainstorming new ideas in training, recognition, recruiting, and operations. The Council acts as a sounding board for concerns as they arise.

•To help assure a superior visitor experience.
•To assist and support the Volunteer Program Coordinator in decisions regarding the volunteer policies and needs.
•To help make the volunteer experience positive and engaging.
•To foster a healthy, cooperative staff/volunteer relationship.
•To help in the recruitment of new volunteers.
•To serve as the communications conduit between volunteers and staff.

VAC Meeting Minutes

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